The Achievement Process

In addition to working to improve the levels of individual and team performance, we also coach individual managers on an individual basis.

Coaching individuals and direct reports [apart or together] is part and parcel of improving both individual and team performance.

The coaching interventions will –

  • Set and then adjust job objectives as tasks and activities change over time.
  • Clarify reporting lines and remove confusion as to roles and responsibilities.
  • Establish a ‘performance history’ for each position to identify recurring problems.
  • Provide insights regarding better and more effective people management skills.
  • Provide insights regarding better and more effective personal self-management skills.

The consultant as coach will be –

  • The Catalyst to ensure objectives and standards are in place for every position at any level.
  • The Enforcer to urge and persuade and demand that the management system is properly implemented.
  • The Facilitator to ensure that the manager and his/her direct report work as a ‘team of equals’.
  • The Interpreter to read between the lines and spot hidden issues requiring resolution.
  • The Recorder to provide an accurate record of the issues discussed and the actions agreed.
  • The Coordinator to link problematic issues between silos and the people working within them.
  • The Teacher to give advice regarding appropriate ways to resolve conflict and build relationships.
team working on laptop