The Team Performance Process

The team performance process gets results by showing team members how to work together by following a straightforward and logical way of achieving their team goals.

It establishes the link between people and purpose.

In their book, ‘The Wisdom of Teams’, Katzenbach & Smith write that a team will inevitably get better results than a collection of individuals. They also distinguish between ‘working groups’ and ‘real teams’.

Our goal is to transform your working group into a real team.

A real team will have between 2 and 10 members. It will have a common purpose and it will set performance goals. Team members will have a common approach to getting things done. They will have complementary skills and will be mutually accountable for their results.

In our work with the team, we will (1) identify a team purpose; (2) set measurable performance goals; (3) introduce a common approach to achieving these goals; and (4) develop a team agreement. The ‘Wisdom of Teams’ makes it clear that, at the end of the day, it is a focus on performance that distinguishes real teams from working groups.

rowing team