Recognition has been highlighted by Arnold Mol in his book – ‘CREATING WINNERS IN THE WORKPLACE’.

“The need for recognition is one of the most basic needs of a human being – and many of us will go to any lengths just to get some feedback on how our bosses perceive our performance”. (Page 40).

“The salary package may attract a person to apply for a particular position, but once appointed to that position, he/she will work to get recognition not a salary. By far the greatest source of dissatisfaction in the workplace is a lack of recognition”. (Page 41)

“Recognition for achievement is probably the most neglected of all the motivators. In a survey conducted some time ago it came to light that on average only about 20% of employees get feedback on a regular basis”. (Page 43).

“Subordinates should get feedback in one form or another at least once a month – preferably more frequently. Even just a word of thanks. It costs nothing but yields very high returns”. (Page 46).

How the Achievement Management System incorporates the need for recognition.

At the heart of the AMS lies the principle of recognition. While managers may or may not remember to give regular feedback, or even see the need for doing it, the AMS requires

that managers do it regularly.

In the AMS ‘regular’ means once every 3 months or about 4 times a year. These are formal and facilitated sessions based on the actions that are needed to solve problems. Managers have the opportunity to give that ‘word of thanks’ that Prof Mol describes.

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